TAX Amendments


Why File an Amended Tax Return?

You should file an amended tax return if you need to correct any information on previous tax returns:


amended tax -1

  Common reasons to file an Amended:
o    Reporting proper filing status,
o    Add new social security Number
o    Claiming additional dependents
o    Removing dependents previously claimed
o    Add new forms received after your original preparation
o    Reporting additional income – from a W2, 1099, or other income statement
o    Making changes to standard or itemized deductions
o    Changing personal exemptions
o    Claiming additional tax credits, removing tax credits or recalculating the amount of the credits
o    Reporting additional withholding – from a W2 or 1099
0 Claim tax credits for past year’s tax returns if you recently received your (SSN) social security number

Take note that you have three years to make any corrections to recover any unclaimed refunds.

The IRS will refund up to three years back, the State of CA will return up to 4
years back